When setting up a laboratory for the analysis of samples suspected of containing asbestos fibres there is a wide range of equipment required, some of which can be supplied by McCrone UK Limited. During the examination of a bulk sample using a stereo microscope fibres may be seen which are then collected and mounted in a refractive index liquid (RI) chosen to match the most likely asbestos type. Once mounted in the correct RI on a slide then the six regulated fibre types can be identified through their optical properties using polarised light microscopy. The correct RI for each fibre type is listed below:

Asbestos Type Chrysotile Amosite Anthophyllite Tremolite Actinolite Crocidolite
RI Liquid 1.550 1.670 1.605 1.605 1.640 1.700

We can supply the basic starter set called a HD6 set which includes all 5 RI’s plus RI 1.580. We can also supply tweezers, tungsten needles and holders, dissecting needles all used in the above analysis. We can also supply amber bottles with applicator rods for the decanting of RI’s into more user friendly volumes. RI’s are available in 7.4ml, 30ml, 120ml and even 480ml volumes just order online or contact our sales team on orders@mccroneuk.co.uk or 02380 522620.