Below is a list of product types and when selected links to the relevant safety data sheets are displayed for your information. If the material safety data sheet is not listed below or you require technical help on any of our products we sell please contact us on 02380 522620.

Matching Liquids and Optical Gels

MSDS BK 7 Matching Liquid
MSDS IL 06350 Fused Silica Matching Liquid
MSDS Opt Gel 0607
MSDS Opt Gel 0608
SDS IL 50350 Fused Silica Matching Liquid
SDS LL Code 5610 Laser Liquid 1.4596-1.5350

Immersion Oils

SDS Immersion Oil A & B
SDS Immersion Oil OVH
SDS Immersion Oil NVH
SDS Immersion Oil LDF & 37LDF
SDS Immersion Oil FF
SDS Immersion Oil 37

Refractive Index Liquids

SDS RI Series B 1 1.641-1.656 2
SDS RI Series B 2 1.657-1.700 2
SDS RI Series E 1 1.500-1.555 2
SDS RI Series E 2 1.556-1.570 2
SDS RI Series E 3 1.571-1.640 2
SDS RI Series A 1 1.460-1.570 2
SDS RI Series A 2 1.571-1.640 2
SDS RI Series AA 1.400-1.459 2
SDS RI Series AAA 1.300-1,399 2


MSDS Mom Code 25761 Meltmount
MSDS Mom Code 5870

Stabilur Tablets

SDS Stabilur Tablets