Products and Training


Microscope Immersion Oil – Cargille immersion oils for use with microscope immersion oil objectives.

Refractive Index Liquids – Cargille Refractive Index Matching Liquids from nD 1.300 1.800.

Immersion Liquids – custom blended refractive index matching liquids for optical coupling and other applications.

Specialised Optical Liquids – liquids specifically designed to match Fused Silica, BK7 Glass and Acrylic.

Optical Gels – Refractive index matching gels for optical coupling applications.

Meltmount – Index matching thermoplastics used microscope slide mounting and optical coupling applications.

Urine Stabilisers – Cult-Ur and Stabilur Tablets used for stabilising urine for delayed testing.

Asbestos Sampling – Coring tool for sampling insulation material; McCrone Adaptor to reduce filter diameter during airborne asbestos sampling.

cargille products range available to order in Southampton, UK ORDERING
Should you wish to order cargille products then please send a fax or email with your order number and details of the goods required.  We accept payment in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

A wide range of training courses are provided by our sister company ABP Associates Limited including:

BOHS Asbestos Proficiency Courses –
P401- Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples (PLM);
P402 Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos;
P403 Asbestos Fibre Counting;
P404 Air Sampling & Clearance Testing for Asbestos;
P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings;
P406 Supervision and Management of the Safe Removal and Disposal of Asbestos;
P407 Managing Asbestos in Buildings
W504 - Asbestos and Other Fibres;
P402 and P406 Refresher Courses.

Other Courses –
Asbestos New Operative;
Asbestos Operative Refresher;
Asbestos New Supervisor;
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher;
General Asbestos Awareness Training for Maintenance Operatives;
General Asbestos Awareness Training for Managers;
Asbestos Task Manual;

Please go to for further information, dates of courses and booking forms.