McCrone UK have been successfully trading for a decade

From the Finance Director, Mrs Alison Pomeroy “ McCrone UK have been successfully trading for a decade as of September 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their [...]

Are you a Pathology or Haematology Laboratory Looking for Immersion Oils?

At McCrone UK we have a wide selection of immersion oils sold in 30ml, 120ml or 480ml volumes. They are inexpensive and can be calibrated to the customers requirements.  They are used in universities, hospitals [...]

Are you looking for a cheaper but effective phase contrast microscope for Fibre Counting?

The Novex BBS binocular phase contrast microscope is fully compliant with the HSG248 requirements for PCMs for fibre counting and yet is considerably cheaper than the standard Olympus or Nikon scopes used for this purpose. [...]

Are you setting up a new asbestos laboratory?

When setting up a laboratory for the analysis of samples suspected of containing asbestos fibres there is a wide range of equipment required, some of which can be supplied by McCrone UK Limited. During the [...]